Guarda “The Blues Scales (Year in Punk Broke Outtakes) 1991 Full Documentary” su YouTube

Who has not seen it, should definitely

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The Lemonheads – It’s About .. the 90’s

The Lemonheads It’s About Time..

This was one of my favorites video at these time. A particular glance to the green environment and the sweet atmosphere.


Many years has passed but sometimes I still feel like a teenager in the 90's..

Nice day, guys

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Pearl Jam – something was changing

Were the times of “I’m still alive” & “Jeremy”.

I was seventeen and I literally fell in love with life.

What I remember of this period is that I was hardly moving from pop to alternative rock, I think I never been so exited and powerful as at that time. Then in 1993 we discovered more hidden music niche where to vanish ourselves, but this year 1992 I remember was a hot summer and our life went in a strange where sound recordings were changing, lyrics were changing, everything were moving to a new direction!


I don’t know were I exactly was the first time I saw Eddie Vedder climb the stage lights. I exactly remember instead the first tape I bought, “Ten” a Album that has become a icon of an entire generation.

Oh peaceful river of souls carry me home..


As usual I like to see happiness in the glance of human being ‘cause even if they are superstars, too often people forget that above all artists are ..special human being, with or without success but always with a great responsibility.

History of a band – Links & peculiarity

As usual:


official site

Pearl jam on

Pearl Jam

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Mercury Rev – one of my favorites!

Ran the 90’s

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Remembering.. The Charlatans U.K.

The Charlatans – The Only One I Know

..when music meets an ecstatic joy..

Ran the nineties as they ran, and we had twenty years old and all the lightness of the world.  After they’ve told us .. it was the nineties.
With a bit of nostalgia often replay the music of that period, and despite the disappointments of life still gives me that impression, almost adolescent, to have the world in your fingers and you can do anything.

I remember the Charlatans every time for their powerful bass almost funk, the carefree atmosphere of the singer but also for the fantastic organist, we can safely say that was from the seventies since did not ear a so good organ.

I’ll try to have at least two or three plays a week of that period of Indie music and try to collect for you the truth, legends and oddities of these groups that, in a sense, have always been a bit ‘in the shadows even though many of them would have deserved more attention and success.

See you on next video

The Charlatans U.K. – Biography The CharlatansEarly years (1990-1993)The Charlatans

The Charlatans during their early days

The debut single, “Indian Rope” proved an indie hit and the group soon found a major label, Beggars Banquet off-shoot Situation Two, in time for the release of “The Only One I Know” which reached the Top 10 in the UK Singles Chart. A further single, “Then”, and debut album Some Friendly, were released later that year. Around this time The Charlatans were forced to add UK to their name for an American tour due to competing claims by a 1960s rock band also known as The Charlatans.
Baker left the band after 1991’s “Over Rising” single to be replaced by Mark Collins (no relation to Rob), and the band brought in producer Flood for their second album Between 10th and 11th (named after the address of the New York Marque, site of the group’s first US concert). Released in early 1992, the album failed to reach the Top 20 in the UK Albums Chart. However, the Top 20 success of the lead single “Weirdo” and a double weekend of gigs (‘Daytripper’) in Blackpool and Brighton with Ride kept them in the public eye.
Later that year, the band suffered a major setback when Rob Collins was charged with armed robbery after his friend had robbed an off licence while he was waiting in the car outside. Collins claimed to have no foreknowledge of the robbery until he heard a gunshot inside the shop and his friend exited, although he later admitted that he should not have picked his friend up after he realised what he had done. At court, he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of “assisting an offender after an offence” and served four months in prison.

From Wikipedia, continue>

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The Charlatans

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Ride – Dreams Burn Down

Dreams Burn Down – and never goes away!

Shoegazing became a mission

I see him sincerly exited singing this song that night, great interpretation of themselves.

Ride – one of the greatest indie bands

For those who still don’t know these guys from Oxford I suggest to listen carefully the entire discography with a particular attention to:

– Nowhere (first Album 15 october 1990)

– Going Blank Again (9 march 1992)

These two records  bring with them an unforgettable magic!

Biography here!

It is interesting to note that the Ride have left us with a strong message.
Intrinsic to the album Tarantula (20 march 1996)  for me it is evident they achieved the maximum expression of them rare and unique style. It was impossible to go beyond!


So here I want to remember them like this and I leave you with this amazing track.

I still give you some link:

About Andy Bell.

About Mark Gardner.

Mark Gardner’s official site.

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The Flaming Lips sweet delicius scary, even funny.

A sweet American

I always found the flaming lips so incredibly creative

 simply music

I have no words just open your eyes & enjoy

” The group is known for its mostly psychedelic arrangements and lyrics as well as the bizarre strange album titles and songs (eg Pilot Can at the Queer of God, Free Radicals (A Hallucination of the Christmas Skeleton Pleading with a Suicide Bomber) and Yeah , I Know It’s a Drag … But Wastin ‘Pigs Is Still Radical). Their live performances are special: you can in fact see people dressed in animal costumes, balloons, puppets, video projections, a complex configuration of the stage lights, giant hands, a high amount of confetti and bubble plastic greatness of the man with whom Wayne Coyne through the public [1]. In 2002 Q magazine Magazine included them in the list of “50 sets to see before you die” (“50 Bands to See Before You Die”)”

From wikipedia

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the flaming lips

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Catherine Wheel – Heal – Happy days 1995

Catherine Wheel – Heal – Happy days 1995

Catherine Wheel

 One of the best indie rockband of all time,

By far the two most close-knit and scratchy guitars that I remember

Dickinson’s voice is by far one of the most beautiful voices of the British indie scene. The dreamy guitars and always tense and biting. Catherine Wheel are a compact group that knows how to warm the heart with delicious melodies but also hit the power where it takes.
It was a Friday like so many of an autumn quite as hot as it was this year 1992, we went to school like every Friday, but with a great thrill in more because the next day the Catherine wheel would hold a concert at Dynamo, Zurich, and like children impatient before the new toy does not freaked out by emotion,
And after all the preparations went up in five for two hours in a vehicle to reach the coveted goal, and we arrived at this small local in the city center that could hold you and seventy people but not for the occasion overflowed. we were there, maybe more than a hundred and exactly twenty years later I seem to remember even the ladder. The album was Ferment and that was their first job.
As often happens when an emerging group rides her first wave was a concert entrancing even more engaging and disarming that the album itself.
But like any good trip we came back, and as if we came back, but that Monday when we met at the entrance of the school between the greetings hugs and handshakes, some of us were in the middle of something much bigger, something we had never tried something first, which would have changed all my life.

What I propose today it is a video a little ‘more recently, the group was already more mature now in its third album for anyone who is not accustomed to certain sounds Happy days is a disc closer to the public, and so I continue to hope that someone occasionally interested to rediscover the atmosphere of the nineties.

.. stay in touch

 Music will always be

here discography:    TY Catherine Wheel

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