Pearl Jam – something was changing

Were the times of “I’m still alive” & “Jeremy”.

I was seventeen and I literally fell in love with life.

What I remember of this period is that I was hardly moving from pop to alternative rock, I think I never been so exited and powerful as at that time. Then in 1993 we discovered more hidden music niche where to vanish ourselves, but this year 1992 I remember was a hot summer and our life went in a strange where sound recordings were changing, lyrics were changing, everything were moving to a new direction!


I don’t know were I exactly was the first time I saw Eddie Vedder climb the stage lights. I exactly remember instead the first tape I bought, “Ten” a Album that has become a icon of an entire generation.

Oh peaceful river of souls carry me home..


As usual I like to see happiness in the glance of human being ‘cause even if they are superstars, too often people forget that above all artists are ..special human being, with or without success but always with a great responsibility.

History of a band – Links & peculiarity

As usual:


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Pearl jam on

Pearl Jam


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